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Mr. Md.Miran Shah Chowdhury is an accomplished Banker with 25 years of laudable experience largely in developing emerging markets Economy. He is a PhD (Finance & Banking), an MBA & Masters of Commerce and also Diploma (DAIBB) in both Conventional and Islamic banking with distinctions.

He is a proven banking professional with ability to manage a entire Banking business independently. Has varied experience in diverse roles and responsibilities across wholesale, institutional and retail banking & Financial Markets space with Commercial & Multilaterals Banks at home and abroad. Excellent Coverage and Institutional liaison capabilities. Well versed in Corporate Banking, Trade/ Structured Trade Finances, Correspondent Banking, Advisory Services, Project Finance ,Treasury Management(Both Front & Back Office), Cross border Clearing, Settlements Payments, Trade Services processing, , Trade Risk Management ,Trade Compliance/Governance, Trade Credit Management, Trade Insurance, Foreign Remittances, Asset-Liability Management, Off-shore Banking, FDI, ECA & debt Finance, Buyers & suppliers Credits  and Capital Markets Operations such as -Bonds, Sukuk, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Exchange Traded Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Commodity Derivatives, Treasury Bonds, Index products, Secondary Market dealings.

He Led a team of Asian Development Bank on Capital Market Development program in Bangladesh, South Asia and also Co- Contributor of  Government Sukuk(Islamic Bonds) Rules, Exchange Traded Derivatives, Short selling and lending & Borrowing rules and Instituted Islamic Treasury concept in this region & anchored ,led & contributed some papers on Islamic Financial Derivatives: Foreign Exchange Forward, Swap, Options, Futures ,Islamic Fund Market ,Musharakh, Bai-us-sarf, Sukuk in Mudaraba, Musharakh ,Lease, Murabaha , Commodity Market Development and was Member of Implementation of Doing Business Reforms, Third Capital Market development program, Asian Development Bank, Capital Market assessment and many more.

  • Designation : Director
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